Degrees and scholarships

All Over The USA and Canada we Have many Affiliate Groups and Organizations that are in place with Programs that are on going to Provide Education and Support in Many Different Ways.

we have an affiliate post secondary graduate school that alLows quailifying vetErAns and first responders to earn degrees and certification in many areas.

We have partnered with a post secondary learning instituion that provides Certificate Programs in the area of Crisis & Trauma, Psychophysiology Studies, Oceanic Therapeutic Studies, Mind & Body Studies, Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Studies and Cognitive Mediation Studies. Master's Of Science Degree Program in Applied Psychophysiology, Master's of Education Degree Program in Applied Psychophysiology, Doctorate Of Philosophy Degree Program in Applied Psychophysiology, Clinical Psychophysiology and Optimal Performance Psychophysiology and Doctorate Of Education Degree Program in Applied Psychophysiology.

We are able to provide full and partial scholarships for the above mentioned programs to those who qualify in order to help them obtain an education that will be used to help others who have struggled as they once did.



Restored Heroes is proud to partner with the College Of Certified Psychophysiologists and the North American Board Of Certified Psychophysiologists.

Both of these organizations recognize the commitment and the cost that many men and women have given in serving and protecting us and have provided us with a scholarhsip program to help men and women get the education they need regardless of their financial situation, and pay it forward in taking that education in seeking to help others in need..


Support programs

Restored Heroes also has several support programs and groups that we provide resources and direction so that they can provide a stablizing environment for people to establish the support mechanisms they need to live and exciting and dynamic life after their service.

If your organization is interested in becoming an affiliate support group with us please contact us today. 1-888-443-7198 or


Volunteer in Your Area

Restored Heroes is 100% volunteer driven. We have no paid employees within our organization. If you would like to become a volunteer with us please reach out and contact us today. 1-888-443-7198 or